capoeira kicks and movement

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Capoeira is a complete martial art. Learn culture through martial arts. With regular practice, Capoeira will also increase your awareness, speed, agility and flexibility. The acrobatic movements you learn will help improve your balance and coordination. Practicing and playing against an opponent will improve your concentration and focus, and playing music will boost your sense of rhythm.


Capoeira for Fitness

We focus on the benefits of dynamic movements, body control and proper technique. Capoeira has many kicks that strengthen and tone our lower body. Capoeira incorporates acrobatics that engages the upper body and core. Capoeira is a full body workout done to the rhythm of the music.

We invite you to join us in welcoming
Professor Malandro to Albuquerque
Prof. Malandro workshop

From the Bay Area, Professor Malandro is a student formed by Mestre Nenel and the FBEC (Filhos de Bimba Escola de Capoeira). He has over 15 years experience in sharing his knowledge of the art’s history, rituals, traditions, methodology and principals.


 Professor Malandro will be conducting three workshops that cover the traditional capoeira style created by Mestre Bimba. The authenticity of this style is hard to find, and we are honored to host Professor Malandro.


 Beginners and experienced are welcome to attend.